Welcome to Maaci Diifu Xongolo- Qafar Radio

Children of Afar, Welcome! This is Maaci Diifu Xongolo. Our stories offer respect to Afar culture. They show us how we can overcome the difficulties that we face in Afar land and develop further our culture. We will also chat about important things; we bring you conversations that bring life. Our lessons will help you know how to live peacefully, follow God, and navigate the difficulties that come your way.


We do not talk about politics on this site. We do not discuss Governments and politics here, rather we discuss what is truly important.


Every afternoon, in Afar land from 19:00 until 19:30 (1:00-1:30 Ethiopian time) we bring you these same stories on the 25-meter band (SW).  We bring these stories, lessons, and conversations to all people. Its okay if there are people who don't want to listen, we don't want to force them upon anyone.


An Afar proverbs says, "Knowledge shows mercy, and ignorance curses." The knowledge you will learn from these pages will become great joy and blessings to you, If you are given permission from God.

If there is something you don't understand, send us a message and we will discuss it so that we can go further together. All things are in God's timing.


If you want to send a message, click the "contact" button at the bottom of this page.


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